Selah House

The word selah is found in two books of the Bible, but is most prevalent in the Psalms, where it appears 71 times. It also appears three times in the third chapter of the minor prophet Habakkuk. Most versions of the Bible do not attempt to translate selah, but simply transliterate the word straight from the Hebrew.

One way of seeing what Hebrew words mean is to see how the ancient Jewish translators thought of it. When the Old Testament was first translated into Greek, they translated the Hebrew word selah to the Greek word diapsalma, which means “musical interlude.” The definition of selah has long been a mystery. It’s a verb, which means it could have been directions to the original musicians and singers. Some scholars have associated the Hebrew word selah with other Hebrew words that mean  “silence” or “to raise.”


Selah House is a temporary trauma-informed dwelling place of refuge, hope, and healing for women in crisis situations.

We have worked in the community for 4 years and have found a gap in temporary housing for women escaping crisis situations such as domestic violence, sexual exploitation, prostitution, or sex-trafficking. Selah House will bridge that gap by providing a dwelling place of refuge, hope, and healing for women in need of freedom. 



Temporary Housing

Many survivors are identified in the middle of the night and need immediate safety at a time when other shelters are unavailable for intake. In addition, right now there is only one crisis facility to cover 6 counties in Florida's 14th Judicial Circuit (Bay, Calhoun, Washington, Gulf, Jackson, and Holmes) that consistently has at least a 3 month wait list.

If we are unable to get a victim into a crisis shelter right away, our only option is to place her temporarily in a motel. We want to avoid this option since motels are often where trafficking happens and can be re-traumatizing for survivors.


Trauma-Informed Case Management

Case Managers have at least a Bachelor's degree in a social-service field, along with specialized training on Trauma-informed Care. Case managers can assist in meeting individual needs such as relocation, long-term housing, physical and mental well-being, clothing, and, where needed, immigration issues and legal services.

Survivor Advocates are women who have escaped crisis situations, are well-along in their healing journeys, and desire to use their stories to assist others. Survivors provide a unique and necessary perspective for the ladies we serve, our staff, and service-providers.


Transitional Assistance

The Trindi Initiative is affiliated with a network of safe-homes, shelters, rehabilitation centers, and long-term recovery programs across the nation.

We are committed to meeting the immediate needs of women in crisis while also helping them transition into long-term programs for recovery.

If a survivor is ready to start a new life outside of what they have known, Selah House is the perfect place to start,


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